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New Subscription Office 365 for Home Premiuma

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Earlier I wrote a couple of articles on Office 365 and 2013 for the home, this article will briefly explain all information for those who do not clear the difference between the two options, and talk about the recently introduced new and convenient feature that was implemented in the subscription Office 365: perhaps this information will even help you get the license Office 365 Home Premium for free.

Difference between Office 2013 and Office 365 home

Not once had to explain items that Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 for the House is practically one and the same product:

For Office 365 Home Premium does not need access to the Internet, this is the same Word, Excel 2013 2013 and the rest you have on your computer (but need Internet for installation and activation, as well as for Office 2013)
Office 2013 and 365 for the House almost equally “cloud”, this does not mean that normally only work with Internet, cloudiness is close integration with SkyDrive and other Microsoft products within your Live ID. Almost, because in the second option, you have the office 365 home subscription product key option of using Office on Demand (streaming of Office applications and working with them on the “not his” computer, without installation).
Buying Office 2013, you acquire the product with the right of use on a single computer and pay only one time. Office 365 for Home Premium is purchased as a subscription with monthly or annual payment and the right to install the full version of all applications on 5 computers with Windows or Mac OS X.
Annual subscription to Office 365 for the House on the official site of Microsoft worth 2499 rubles (some online stores for cheaper), this set of applications match the site Office 2013 Pro (19599 rubles, license for 1 PC), you get an additional 20 Gb in SkyDrive when you subscribe.
So, the main difference is in the scheme of payment of the product: 5 computers on a subscription basis with regular pay (Office 365 for Home Premium) or one with a one-time payment of the package with the correct set of applications (Office 2013).
The ideal solution for families with office 365 home subscription activation homes up to 5 PCs and Tablet PC 5. Subscription for 1 year for the whole family.
Create in Office my account for full access to all services, including:

Personalized experience with the Office with the possibility of installation on PC and Tablet PC 5 5.
High-performance new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access.
Full streaming versions of applications using Office on Demand (requires a PC with Windows operating system 7 or 8 and Internet connection).
If you’re running Windows 8 Release Preview, be sure to note the OneNote Preview in Windows Store.
Keep your records voice messages and Web pages in one place with easy access, so they’re always at hand.

As has been said, your subscription allows installation of Office programs on 5 computers. However, earlier in order to install Office 365 Home Premium to his brother, it was necessary to go to him, go in to your account at office.microsoft.com, and then download the Office on his computer. Or, if you go to him is not an option-give him the password your Microsoft account.

At the same time:

people with whom you shared a subscription thus cannot access your account, but, as you get additional 20 GB SkyDrive (previously, this was not).
Also this user himself can manage its part of subscription and, say, when buying a new computer, remove Office from the old and install the new one.
Complete control of your subscription as was, buy windows product key and remains, you have — you can delete that user be returned thereby one of the 5 available settings.
Who already enjoys Office 365 for home, while not on the same computer, most likely will appreciate the convenience of this innovation. Those who are not — just trust that it is really better than what it was.

For example: I can arrange a competition on the website and give someone license Office 365 for Home Premium, fearing for the safety of such a gift for themselves. Similarly, you can get Office for free if there’s a good friend, does not use all 5 installations. The risks for him there and to pay absolutely no effect.